We are pleased to say that volunteer recruitment drives over the past year have proved very successful.
Out of 40 interviews, 27 people have cleared the recruitment process and are already making valuable contributions in the dining room, hospitality and especially in the conservation team (now 13 strong).
Jean Haldane
Volunteer coordinator Jean Haldane explained, “We’re delighted with the response we received. I was confident we’d get a good response, but this was more than I expected. When I worked for a learning disabled charity, we struggled to get more than 30 people on board in a year, and that was with a team to help.
“Some of our volunteers have been coming for decades, so there’s something special about Minsteracres that draws people in.
“People are still approaching us about volunteering, which is great, but we aren’t planning any specific recruitment this year. Instead we’d like to use the volunteers we have more effectively, drawing on their strengths and giving them an opportunity to try out different things.”