The garden and we have grown in the last six months. We have grown as an eco-community. Lock-down wasn’t easy, but we are very privileged to be living in a garden. We never had a moment of being bored, there was too much to do! We had to remind ourselves that our ministry here is not only about work but about being too. Starting and finishing our day with prayer and meditation in the garden has helped to get better connected with this precious speck of the universe. We had great ideas for a little chapel in one of the buildings, but when we took the ceiling down we realised that major work needs to be done to the roof, which we can’t afford at the moment. We started to use the poly-tunnel and have been praying amongst the growing tomato plants. In the centre of the poly-tunnel grows a passion flower. We placed a rustic cross amongst it. A beautiful mosaic sacred heart of Jesus adores it. So slowly the poly tunnel is turning into a lovely prayer space. Nature is teaching us that we can pray with her, amongst her. With churches being closed and now limited accessible nature invites us in.

This time of the year there is an abundance of vegetables. The kitchen staff in the main house are making good use of it. We share with people who come to visit the garden. We have started with open mornings on the first Saturday of the month. We had one in August and September. We were blessed with good weather. People have enjoyed the space and the peacefulness. The next open morning is October 3rd. After that we will have a winter stop and will be open again in April. The garden is also open on Wednesday mornings from 10 until 12 and on Saturday afternoons from 2 until 4pm. You are all very welcome. Of course we are following the Government guidance regarding numbers and social distancing.