During the 53rd Chapter of St Joseph’s Province, 3 trees were planted.

Geoff Bockett, Director of Minsteracres explained that the Scots pine trees that were planted are known as ‘gregarious’ trees and thrive in communities when grown in close proximity to one another.  This is achieved through mycorrhizal networks in the soil where fungi and roots establish symbiotic relationships, which benefit both the trees and fungi alike.  The trees were planted by Sr Therese O’Regan a Cross & Passion Sister, Father Joachim Xavier REGO , the Superior General of the Passionists visiting from Rome and Fr Martin Newell CP from St Joseph’s Province.

Lya from the Eco-Community read out the words by Thomas Berry:

“I don’t mind a heavenly father that is all right

But I do like the idea of an earth mother and I also like to talk to trees.

This idea that the trees talk to me and I talk to the trees

This kind of subjectivity is somehow absent from our tradition.

Lya then read out and prayer of the blessing and gratitude to the trees and invited everyone to bless the tree in their own words and talk to them.