We’re finally getting our wish to have a video produced about Minsteracres, and in preparation, Marc Runkee from local firm Digital Sidekick has been up with us using his drone to film footage of the house and grounds.

In retrospect, this may not have been the best week for the weather: Marc has been battling not just the wind, but hail and snow.

“Thursday was lovely – if a bit windy,” says Marc, “but the day before was positively Baltic!

“We got all the shots we needed in between the snow flurries. When I could see the snowflakes being chopped by the propellers I knew it was time to stop.”

Marc is new to Minsteracres, but has been impressed by what he has seen, “It’s really picturesque, which made my job easier. The footage shows all the open space and the grounds you can visit.

“The only moment of concern was that I might collide with some of the lambs in the parkland. You wait for the sheep to move out of the way, then a lamb suddenly appears and they all follow – it’s like a game to them!”

As it happens, no animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Although a full video is some way off we hope to have a short advert ready in time for our open house on Monday.