Priest in charge: Fr. Jenish CP  01434 673248

Deacon: Rev. David Collins 01661 843654

Parish Council

Contact: Susan Collins, Chair, Parish Council

The aims of the Parish Council are:

  • To help the parish discern and determine it’s vision through discussion, reflection and pastoral planning.
  • To establish close understanding and collaboration between the clergy and laity in working for the good of the parish in the light of the gospel.
  • To identify and address the pastoral and spiritual needs of all parishioners.
  • To encourage the laity to assist the clergy in the effective management and organisation of the parish.
  • To assist all groups and organisations within the parish and guide them in working towards a common goal and understanding within the boundaries set by the parish council and the Minsteracres Retreat Centre.
  • To raise parish awareness of wider social challenges and foster and encourage appropriate responses.
  • To foster and support ecumenical activities within the parish and surrounding district, including full and active participation in the Heavenfield Partnership.
  • To ensure the needs of the parish are served by the creation of appropriate sub-groups working towards the delivery of our shared vision.
  • To foster and encourage the active and ongoing participation and formation of all parishioners, with a special regard to children, young people and families. 

Busy church
For younger children we offer a “Busy Church” experience during 8.30 Mass on Sundays. Taking place in the library, this provides a play and learning experience broadly based on the liturgy of the day with children joining the service for a blessing at communion time before returning to the library. Parents are welcome to attend with their children or may leave them with the Busy Church team.

Contact: Jan Loughran

The organists, musicians and singers lead and accompany music at Mass and other Services. Their ministry greatly enhances our celebration of the liturgy. If you play an instrument and/or are wishing to join the choir, please contact any member of the choir.

Contact: Camille Mazarelo

Church flowers
We have an excellent flower team here at St Elizabeth’s who decorate the church with attractive displays according to the liturgical season and time of year. Anyone interested in arranging flowers is welcome to contact one of the team.

Contact: Frances McGhee

Faith Development
Every year a faith development programme is presented which enables parishioners to refresh and deepen their life of faith.

Contact: Rev. David Collins

Justice & Peace
The Justice and Peace Group is open to any parishioner who wishes to take part. The Group supports the aims of the National J&P Network which works on global issues like the cancellation of third world debt, groups and commissions around the country, and national and local issues such as poverty, inequality, credit unions, housing/ homelessness, supporting refugees/asylum seekers, and environmental issues.
The main work of the Group centres on support for Traidcraft and Cafod, support for the refugee/asylum work in the west of Newcastle, and an ongoing series of coffee mornings which aim to highlight charitable causes and issues.

Contact: Jim Darlington

Social Committee
The Social Committee provides parishioners social opportunities to build and foster a vibrant community life in the parish. It promotes trust and friendship and assists with public relations for the parish. The committee organises activities that bring parishioners and families together to help form family bonds and parish fellowship.
Examples of activities include:
supporting deanery and diocesan meetings, parish meetings, celebrating religious milestones, major life events, parish dinners, coffee mornings, and occasional charity fund raising in response to humanitarian crises.

Contact: Camille Mazarelo

Parish Newsletter: Frank Balloch

RC Chaplain Hexham Hospital and Villa el Salvador: Bryony Gibson

200 Club/Census: Frank Balloch (01661 844807)

Safeguarding: Tracy Stanforth