Last Thursday we celebrated the feast of the ascension of the lord. If we still wonder what it is all about. A picture message from my friend might clarify it better, which says. “Ascension is the day when Jesus started to work from home.”

For he continues to love us to the very end. And he values each of us in the gospel today, as gifts from God the father. Where do we find ourselves in our relation with God?

If a person has no faith in God it is logical enough for him or her to call prayer a waste of time. But we have faith and yet one wonders how and what we pray. Prayer is mentioned in all the three readings on this 7th Sunday of Easter. In the first reading we see the disciples praying together in the upper room; in the second reading the newly baptized are exhorted to praise God for his blessings. In the gospel Jesus prays to his Father.

Anyone who loves God, needs him and cares for him can not afford not to make a habit of prayer.

It is a good day therefore to examine our prayer… Self – examination is the high road to prayer.

The habit of prayer is good, but the spirit of prayer is better. We will have the spirit of prayer if our prayer is turning our minds and hearts to God, a heart to heart conversation with him, an attitude of waiting and attending to him, a personal relationship with him which can be continuous even when we are engaged in other activities.

A heart to heart prayer is different from saying prayers. A heart to heart conversation with God as Jesus does in today’s gospel.

In first letter of peter we read “a Christian must glorify God.

Among us there may be experts in prayer, who knows, but for us there is only one prayer, the prayer of Jesus himself, in which all of us his faithful participate.  That’s is why we always end our prayers saying, through Christ our lord.

We need to model our prayers on His. In his prayer in the gospel today, which is sometimes called the high priestly prayer of Jesus, He recognizes the primacy of the father’s will. We read in Jn 17: 4, “I have glorified you on earth and finished the work that you gave me to do.”  In our prayer do we seek God’s will or our own?

Secondly Jesus showed concern for his disciples in his prayer. We read in Jn 17:9 I pray for them, for those you have given me. We hear in this verse about a remarkable gift exchange. Gift exchange between God the father and God the son. They belong to you and you gave then to me. We are gifts given by God. let us take great comfort in Jesus’ prayer. And continue to care for our prayer life.

It is well said, “Prayer draws down the great God into our little hearts and it drives our hungry souls up into the fulness of God.

One who kneels most before God stands best ….