This retreat is led by Janet Swan MA.  She invites you to come and sing – “no matter what others tell you, or you tell yourself about your voice!” Janet will demonstrate that with just your ears, a relaxed body and other voices around you, everyone can sing. Add to this some simple harmonies and chants and you will soon be singing these lovely songs from faith traditions around the world. You do not have to be able to read music, just be prepared to have a go and launch yourself into a new and joyfully harmonious new world! “Janet gets the impossible out of us. I never thought I could sing, but I have achieved a life’s ambition of singing in a choir. Thank you.” Choir Member. “Janet is an inspirational teacher”. Comment from the Minsteracres Retreat in April 2016. Janet Swan is an experienced choir leader and member of the Natural Voice Network She leads a number of choirs and special events, including “Singing for the Soul” and “The Truce Choir”. The emphasis is always on singing in the voice you were born with and building your confidence and your love of singing. The retreat starts on Friday 1 September at 7:00pm and ends on Sunday 3 September at 2:00pm

Bookings are closed for this event.