We are sorry, but this event has been cancelled.

Living in an age of degraded industrial food, depleted soil and an epidemic of food-related illnesses we explore what this means for people of faith.  In the peaceful setting of our walled garden, at the height of the growing season, we embark on a spirited inquiry into the future of our food through story, engaging visuals, group work, quiet reflection, gentle ritual and the joyful sharing of food. Clíodhna Mulhern is an experienced retreat leader with a passion for food ethics and its place at the heart of our faith witness. Fergus Reilly is an experienced retreat facilitator committed to exploring spiritual ecology themes in a range of faith settings. Lya Vollering is a contemplative gardener at Minsteracres walled garden with a passion for the earth. This retreat starts on Friday 22 June at 7pm and ends on Sunday 24 June at 2pm

Online bookings are not available for this event.