january jobsYou may wonder what we get up to in the early months of the year – the months we jokingly refer to as our quiet time.

There may not been any visitors in January, but Minsteracres is a hive of activity while we use the down-time to do the kind of jobs we can’t do when the house is full.

Margaret’s kitchen and store rooms enjoyed a complete make-over, but her team still managed to produce hot meals despite the turmoil.

Brian Alderson, who with his wife Pat is a lay member of the community, replaced plaster in the dining room corridor and repainted the entire length. Pat made replacement curtains for the youth centre, and together with Sr Therese and Fr Jeroen, they cleared the art room creating much needed space.

Fr Jeroen was also busy overseeing the important job of rewiring the church. Dozens of parishioners also rolled up their sleeves to help with cleaning and redecarting. As you can see, Saint Elizabeth’s spent the start of the year in unaccustomed disarray!

The housekeeping team deep-cleaned the bedrooms, and saw to all those jobs that need a bit more time, like fixing curtain rails, checking furniture and appliances, updating and replacing information packs.

Outdoors, the gardeners fixed fences, secured plants, and generally tidied up, while those working on the estate cleared undergrowth, removed fallen branches and cut down trees for fuel.

By the month’s end we were in shipshape and ready to greet the friends of Minsteracres for their annual retreat.