Our four quiet days on consecutive Wednesdays during Lent, each led by a different person, have proved very popular.

Some people, including Sue Vicary and Irene Anderson from Consett and Bev Hallam from Chopwell, came to all four.

Sue and Irene are regular visitors to Minsteracres. Although some of the leaders had chosen the same gospel, they each gave it a different slant. “Today, with Anne McCarthy, we have been looking at coming to Calvary,” says Irene.

They all love the peace and calm at Minsteracres, “Most people have said it’s like stepping out of a busy world coming here,” says Irene, “And taking time out of that busy world we live in makes a big difference.”

Sue agrees, “Last week, that sense of peace went home with me – but it was back the next day,” she adds ruefully.

Both agree that what they experience on retreats here stay with them. “It doesn’t always come straight away – it’s the little nudges, the things you remember, they’re like little seeds that are planted. They grow on you,” says Irene.

It’s Bev’s first experience of Minsteracres. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to move here to the area and find this on my doorstep! I felt right at home straight away.”
“Everyone does!” chips in Sue, “And the food – it’s like a five star hotel!”

If you would like to try a quiet day or a day of prayer at Minsteracres, go to retreats on our website to find one to suit you.