Memory, experience and imagination: aids to all things being made new

21 - 23 October

We tend to sift anything new through one or more of the three sieves of memory (what has been), experience (what is) and imagination (what might be). This is true as much for our spiritual and liturgical life as it is for our health and wellbeing. In his teaching about God’s radical kingdom, Jesus draws on the past, present and imagined future to enable us to be open to the newness which God intends. This is what we will explore in the retreat. A series of reflections on how, throughout our lives, we are gradually moving to deeper understandings of ourselves, our world and our Maker.

Rev John Bell is a member of the Iona Community’s Wild Goose Resource Group, hymn writer, author and occasional broadcaster.

This retreat will start on Friday 21 October at 6:30pm and end on Sunday 23 October at 2 pm

Suggested donation: £220

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