We were very sad when one of our valued team members, Moira Waugh died on 28th December 2019, after a long illness.  Moira was my first outreach volunteer, and she was a godsend from the start. Moira used her personal qualities and professional skills, gained through years of nursing, to draw close to people, providing a listening ear to many of our outreach visitors. Her gentleness and caring approach encouraged our visitors to confide in her, and be comforted by Moira.

After a while Moira and I were joined by Tess Gooch, and for quite a while the three of us covered the whole Outreach Programme, supporting all of our groups – we were known as the 3 musketeers – and it was all for one and one for all!  We got to know each other so well that our work together became intuitive and we didn’t need to use words. We had some amazing experiences together supporting our groups.

Moira was wonderful in supporting the large family groups of asylum seekers. I remember her like the ‘pied piper’ with a group of young children of colour, going out to play in the grounds. She was always well prepared, and organised toys and games so skilfully. She took responsibility for the children to enable their parents to have a break.

During the times that Moira wasn’t able to come to Minsteracres, she was always part of the team. She had our list of commitments, and provided prayer support, suggestions and advice for each group. Many people who visit us have continued to ask after Moira, even though she hasn’t been to Minsteracres for a while.

We appreciate very much Moira’s commitment to all of the outreach visitors, and for her faithful, loving friendship, we miss her very much

By Liz Holmes