Up to 100 visitors flocked to our doors this week for our second open house event of the year.

In glorious (but windy) weather, people came from as far away as Ashington and Middlesbrough for a day out for the promised teas and tours.
open house oct 14 x 4

Many came out of curiosity for the first time, but there were others who told us stories of coming as children with their dads when the men were renovating the retreat house in the 1960s, or on Manpower Services schemes in the 1980s.
open house tour oct 14

Fr Jeroen and parishioner Ann Darlington between them led tours of the house throughout the day, ending with a visit to Fr Mark’s shop and a stop for a well earned cuppa in the cafe, where Margaret and her team had laid on a spread of fresh home-cooked cakes and savouries.