Minsteracres Resident Community, staff and friends  are pleased   to welcome guests back on retreats !

We so look forward to welcoming you back with the same warm hospitality.

In preparation to your safe return staff has been planning and ensuring that the place is ready.

It’s a slow start with low numbers as many guests are still anxious to attend. 

we have our first residential retreat on the 19th  of May 2021.

The retreat programme for 2021(available on our website) is more or less booked with the key groups both for our own retreat and outreach programmes and venue users.

We have a booking every weekend until December as well as many mid-week and day events so we have a busy and exciting time ahead. 

This year particularly marks some important events , the Passionists Congregation founded by St Paul of the Cross are commemorating  the 300th anniversary of their founding with a Jubilee celebration centred on renewing their commitment to proclaiming Christ’s Passion in the theme – Gratitude,    Prophesy and Hope further on fulfilling  St Paul of the Cross’ dream ,fifty years later the first Monastery of Passionist Contemplative Nuns was founded.

Our nuns Mother Monica and Mother Regina here at Minsteracres are celebrating their 250th Anniversary of foundation with the theme Solitude, Prayer and Love.

The Resident community at Minsteracres consists of Fr Jenish (Passionist from India) Fr Mark ,Tina and Pavan and Fr. Ben Lodge (Passionist from this province)

Fr Ben  is  the Postulator for the Causes of Blessed Dominic Barberi and Fr. Ignatius Spencer; who has recently been  declared Venerable.

Fr Mark Whelehan continues to enjoy good health and is waiting to get busy and desperate to see you all again.

We had a great celebration within the communities to mark his 95th Birthday on the 8th of May

Pavan and Tina were happy  to celebrate their Silver Anniversary on 17th January with the community where  a special Mass was offered and live streamed so their families from India could join in.

We continue to seek the blessings of St Paul of the Cross.

Tina Martin