At the end of December, there was an opportunity to reshape the catering team and after lots of discussion, April and John agreed that they would like the chance to job share the role.

Both bring the required skill set for this. April has been long established as a cook here and knows the place, the people and most visiting groups very well. She can anticipate what we need and how to provide it, and what she doesn’t know about cooking we don’t need. Her patience to teach and train is much admired.

John comes from a background of nursing and NHS management and has been here as a volunteer and general assistant, so it is a really healthy and friendly mix to ensure all bases of this lovely role are covered.

We have Broaghan as a kitchen assistant and are also very fortunate to have April’s daughters Steph and Shauna joining us for busy times and John’s daughter Emily when on holiday from UNI.

Three months into the new role we feel, and are told from feedback, that people see the team as happy, organised and productive. We are all enjoying the challenge and see it as a really positive move and hope that community, colleagues, guests and our loyal band of volunteers are feeling the same. We are always happy to see folk if they pop in and there is usually a scone to share with a cuppa!