It is the first time this is happening in my life! I could never ever imagine there would be a situation like this! How much I miss!  These are some of the very emotional expressions that are being articulated these days, as the world faces a lock down, and especially in the context of Holy week, when particularly Christians are unable to participate in the church services.  All of us, this year, in particular, are facing tremendous “missing of the holy week services”

This cute story of little Johny who was sick on one particular Palm Sunday is worth narrating. His sickness had prevented him from going to church that day and he had to stay home with his mother. His father returned from the church, that Sunday, holding a palm branch. The little boy was curious and asked “why do you have that palm branch, dad?

Daddy replied, “you see Johny when Jesus came into town everyone waved palm branches to welcome and honour Him, so we got palm branches today. Good lord! The little boy grumbled, “the one Sunday I can’t go to the church, and Jesus shows up”

The innocent little boy made him to feel that he had missed the lord when he came to town.

But when we think a little deeper, we also realize that sometimes we are similar. We fail to take notice of the presence of the lord very many times.

Its only when we feel his absence that we recognize the depth of missing His presence. Absence sometimes, can be a great reminder of the value of presence.

In today’s context, this is especially true, as we tremendously feel the absence of the lord.

But the lord invites to look deeper and experience His presence with us, always.

Today we are entering into the most important week of the liturgical year, the Holy week! We recollect the entry of the lord into town, riding on a donkey, as a new sign of peace and a new kingdom of love was being ushered.

Every now and then we encounter the lord through different situations. Do we miss to recognize him?

Are we prepared to welcome Him into our lives? Our homes? Our hearts? Our communities? The passion of the lord is about to begin. Are we going to be part of the people who crucify him?

Many of us would have read the following, with the picture of Jesus crucified. I asked Jesus, How much do you love me” Jesus answered “this much’ and he extended his arms on the cross…

But there is a sequel to this, perhaps is not known much, but it is worth reflecting….

Jesus then asked me ‘how much do you love me’ I picked up a hammer and the nails saying ‘this much I love you and began to crucify him’

As Isaiah says ‘it was our infirmities that he bore and it was our sufferings that he endured’ Jesus died for love of us all.

It is a time to reflect ‘do we still remain stubborn and adamant’ or like Simon of Cyrene to help Jesus lessen the burden by seeking transformation’

Dear brothers and sisters ‘let us try to make this holy week, a week of repenting, remembering, reading especially the bible, and reserving time for Jesus. Through which we will experience his tremendous ocean of love revealed in the Passion. 

Wish you all a blessed Palm Sunday and a glorious Holy week.