Forrest Gump’s Mamma said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you are going to get.’ Well, I always thought that was kinda cute, but untrue.  After all, the box usually includes a list giving you the content of each chocolate.

But I agree life itself is a Woolworth’s pic ‘n’ mix. We may think we have life mapped out and suddenly the ordinance survey develops a tear, an ink blot and we lose our way very easily.

We live the lively lemon drop of youth, the strawberry cream of summer and  the nut brittle may lie ahead. Then there are always the ones to avoid, for me it’s the nougat, yuck!

Why am I going on about sweets apart from them being my favourite nibble?   Well, the Let’s Get Growing group brings together a range of lovely yummy people, who, like a box of chocolates, have very different soft centres. Between us we have had amazing experiences, like jumping out of planes, climbing to Everest, managing successful businesses and much, much more. We have run homes, raised families, dealt with joy, ill health, accident and mortality. We are the liquorice allsorts of life.

Volunteering at Minsteracres means you get to meet us – the sherbet dabs, the mojos and the love hearts, and you get to listen and share in our Turkish delight.

We might be having a tough time when we meet at the Peace Garden, when we fear we might break our teeth on the chocolate Brazils or swallow a gob stopper. But when we get together with the other fondant fancies it reminds us we have lots to give and receive. That certainly brings back the fizzy bon bon to my day.