We were delighted when local building specialists Hodgson Sayers chose Minsteracres as the venue for their living wage conference during living wage week in November.
The company takes its social responsibility very seriously and wanted to celebrate its 35th anniversary with 35 events to celebrate community and social activity. This event was one, though it has to be said the enthusiastic involvement of staff and suppliers has seen the original number grow way beyond the target of 35!
Managing director John Sayers explained, “Some see providing a living wage (which is higher than the minimum wage) as a negative thing, but it’s not just about numbers. It’s about productivity, of people’s perception of their place in the business and getting people to think differently.
“Give more to people and they give more back,” he said simply.
To underline their commitment, Hodgson Sayers have set a target in 2014 to recruit 10% of their workforce as apprentices, “We’ve always had them,” said John, “but we wanted to increase the number this year to nine.”
Minsteracres is a happy beneficiary of the company’s generosity. They are currently carrying out a maintenance programme of clearing gutters, repointing, fixing damaged paving and replacing and repairing flat roofs free of charge using apprentices working under the careful eye of experienced staff.
“We are hugely grateful for the help Hodgson Sayers are giving us,” said Geoff Bockett, operations manager at Minsteracres, “We have employed their services over the years so we know how good they are, and to receive this addition help at no charge is really appreciated.”