The Aprons team have had a steady return to work across August in readiness for groups returning in early September. It was great to be back on site despite the social distancing, and really good to be able to see colleagues and friends in one place. The kitchen and all areas have had a good spring clean and made ready to safely but sensitively welcome guests.

The first two residential groups have we feel been a real success.  It’s been a treat to catch up with volunteers as they made steps to return and help us look after guests and they’ve adopted new practices quickly and readily and of course lovely to have a catch up with everyone’s news.  We would also shout out a special thank you to Mary Earnshaw who spent a morning washing every bit of crockery and service ware ready to use after the long break.

We also had the pleasure of cooking with the very freshest of produce from the walled garden delivered weekly as needed, we adapted menus and planned to use whatever seasonal veg was available as a mainstay.  Feedback from the guests was certainly positive, and the kitchen team really enjoyed working with such quality produce.

Overall, we all feel happy to be heading in the right direction to a full return at some point soon.