Our individually guided retreat offers that rare gift of time away from the busy-ness around you to reflect on your life’s journey: how it is being lived, and where God is in it.

At Minsteracres, our experienced team can help you to use silence and stillness to deepen your relationship with God.

Over the course of a weekend, your spiritual director will help you to renew your life’s goals, and give yourself fresh energy.

Discussing passages of scripture together enables your director to understand where you are in your life and how to guide you to the place you want to be.

Sister Therese O’Regan explains, “It’s a totally new experience for most people. Whatever happens during the retreat you’ll feel refreshed from the benefit of having time to yourself.

“Mind you,” she says, “some people are scared of committing themselves to prolonged spells of silence, but once they’ve experienced it they’ll not want to leave!”


If you would like to know more about individually guided retreats, why not call and chat to one of our retreat team? Call us on 01434 673248.