In memory of beloved friends

Following the death of Brian Alderson in January, in recent months we mourned the loss of more dear friends: Sr. Cecilia Wilkinson CP, Teresa Wall and Monty Burton.

Sr. Cecilia died peacefully on Holy Thursday, 18 April, after a period of failing health. She was 85 years old and 65 years professed as a Cross & Passion Sister.

In 2010 she and Sr. Therese O’Regan joined our resident community and did so after having worked in education and parish ministry for many years.

In her own quiet and gentle way she made a great impact. She participated in the ministry of welcome and hospitality, was dedicated to the life of our community and faithful to the rhythm of prayer. Combined with this she had a great sense of humour.

After falling ill at the beginning of the year, Sr Cecilia went to the care home of the Cross & Passion Sisters in Ilkley. There was hope that surgery would give her a new lease of life, but that was not meant to be. She died peacefully in St. Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds.

We celebrated her requiem mass in Ilkley on 30 April after which her body was laid to rest in the local cemetery. On 16 May we celebrated mass in her memory at Minsteracres.

During Easter week, on Saturday 27 April, Teresa Wall, one of our cooks, died suddenly. Following illness she had been receiving treatment and she seemed to recover. Therefore the news of her death took us by surprise and was a great shock.

Teresa had a long association with the Passionists, going back to her days in Broadway where she served the local community. Coming to Minsteracres in 2011 was like a round circle for her.

During the past 8 years she worked as a member of our catering team. More recently she joined the parish community and was a great and dedicated friend of Minsteracres.

Following a requiem mass on 23 May, Teresa was laid to rest in our cemetery.

On 11 May we received the sad news of the death of Monty Burton, a dedicated volunteer and long-standing friend of Minsteracres. For many years he worked behind the scenes as our financial advisor. He organised the financial systems and supported the Retreat Centre in all kinds of ways. We appreciate his wisdom dedication and treasure his friendship.

We remembered Monty during a funeral service on 29 May after which we laid him to rest in our cemetery.

It has been a sad time of saying farewell to three outstanding friends. They died during the weeks when we remembered the Lord’s passion and death and celebrated his resurrection. In the hope of the resurrection from the dead we remember them with gratitude and pray that they may rest in the peace of God’s eternal presence.

Fr. Jeroen Hoogland CP