By Fr. Jenish

In the scripture we see God revealed himself in all kinds of ways – God shows up in wind and clouds and burning bushes. God shows up in dreams and messengers. In the first reading we read God’s self-revelation to Elijah’s honesty. If you can find sometime today it would be worth reading chapter 19 from the first book of kings.

We read part of it in our first reading today. God calls Elijah, who is troubled and alone, out of the cave and asks him to stand at the cliff. There we see a display of wind, earthquake and fire. God was in none of those things. But Elijah encounters God in sheer silence. The beauty is that God actively communicates with us, God’s accessibility. God is accessible wherever we find ourselves.

We simply must find ways to encounter God with our whole selves in honesty and vulnerability as Elijah did. When we bring all of that to God, we allow God to care for and attend to all.

Moving on to the gospel today, we have another episode where God reveals in the person of Jesus, the power of God revealed amidst the turbulent sea. But His presence calms the sea.

The raging waves of the sea are often compared to the storms of human life. But what do we do when being ravaged by the turbulent waves of adversity in our lives?

What do we do when we are lashed by the stormy marriage, straying children, an impossibly demanding vocation, and a walking into the future with some dread disease?  What do we do when we are gripped by an overwhelming history of worldly desires that claim us again and again? Or the unending pandemic the whole world is facing?

Cling back onto Christ. To cling to Christ, especially in times of turmoil, we need strong faith in his mighty power and in his power and in his presence even today in our midst. Faith is more an encounter like Elijah and peter ‘s experience in sheer silence and in stormy sea.

There are times in life when the things God asks of us seem so difficult that we conclude all too quickly that they are simply impossible. We even doubt that the things God is asking of us are really coming from the Lord at all. Might they not be coming from the bad Spirit?

Sometimes the only way to find out the truth is to ask the Lord to tell us, it is to come to him across the water of our fears and doubts. And, like Peter, when we start to sink beneath the waves, because of problems in personal lives, lets allow the lord to reach out towards us with both hands, and say to him not once, not twice, but over and over and over again: “Lord, I am drowning, save me!”.