Today we keep the solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity in which we acknowledge in a very special way that, while there is only one God, there are three persons in that one God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

How can we humans understand the inner life of God head. We, as finite beings can never fully comprehend what this mystery is all about.

But the scripture readings of today gives us a glimpse of the essence of the mystery of trinity.  

In the first reading from the Old Testament Book of Exodus we see Moses meets God who gives the Law out of love for his people so that – through observance of the Law – they may be drawn into his love and live in happiness.

The second reading calls on the Corinthians to be united and, thereby, live in peace which is achieved with the love of God.

The gospel passage from St John tells us that God sent his Son to redeem and save the world out of his love.

The readings tell us that the primary characteristic of God is love. It is freely given and unconditional.

 That’s why the mystics and theologians of our time affirm that trinity is all about love, a boundless relationship.

It is this love shared to us by Jesus’ coming into the world.  Pope Francis says Jesus is the human face of the Father’s mercy.

And we human beings are designed for love.

Lets us take heart in our faith that our God is a God of love, who cares for the world.

We were created out of love and for a purpose which is to be united with God and to share in his love.

Augustine of Hippo wrote: “God loves each one of us as if there were only one of us to love.”

In baptism we are invited to share in the life of trinity. Let us, through our prayer be united in God’s love which will enable us to be united with one another.