Minsteracres is known for the magnificent avenue of Sequoias, but there are other beautiful mature trees. Unfortunately this year we have lost a few. The stunning old cherry blossom tree near the chapel came down earlier this year. The majestic horse chestnut lost one of its main branches and probably won’t live very long. The beeches in the field near the Shrubbery are not doing very well either. Loosing so many trees in our world makes us more aware of their importance. There is a delightful book called: ‘The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. He tells how trees communicate, protect themselves, feed one another and also compete with each other for light. The book helps to understand what Thomas Berry invites us to do: to learn to see the earth as a communion of subjects not as a collection of objects. Everything God has created is an expression of the divine and has an intrinsic value. So many people who come here delight in the trees on the Minsteracres Estate. We would like future generations to experience the same joy. Therefore we would like to invite you to join us for a tree planting day on Thursday 21 February. If you are interested please call 01434 673248 or email

by Lya Vollering