Reading the articles in this autumn’s newsletter reminds me once again of the diversity of activities that have developed at Minsteracres in recent years. This diversity reflects the way in which we try to implement our three charitable objectives that are aimed at spiritual development, outreach to people on the margins and care for our natural environment.

Ideally these areas are interconnected and we have discovered that activities really bear fruit when two or three of the objectives are addressed at the same time. When that happens people experience what Minsteracres intends to offer: compassion, peace, reconciliation and healing.

For most of our visitors and retreatants this experience is rooted in God and is expressed in a prayerful way. It is reflected in the numerous candles that are lit in the church every week and also in the countless petitions that are left on the prayer post outside the chapel. I believe that prayers for healing contribute to the healing process in the lives of people and contribute to Minsteracres being a place where wholeness is experienced.

On our retreat programme we will pay special attention to this aspect of our ministry through a special weekend that is offered on 13-15 November by Fr. Jim McManus. Healing was an important aspect in the ministry of Jesus. At Minsteracres we try to continue this ministry in his Spirit as the church community is called to do that everywhere. May this continue and flourish!

Fr. Jeroen Hoogland CP