Greetings from Minsteracres!

Here we are at the end of a rather strange year!

The Community was very pleased when the first Lockdown ended as this allowed us to welcome back our guests and retreatants although the numbers were greatly diminished.

Those who did come, their experience was no less welcoming and the hospitality as generous as ever in spite of the Covid 19 restrictions of social distancing and  a one – way system.

We felt bad that we could not welcome all of our regulars due to restrictions limiting us to numbers.

Now we have tried our best to keep everything in place and so we look forward to February 2021 where hopefully we will be able to open up and receive our usual friends again. 

The community has been enhanced by the presence of Fr. Ben Lodge CP Passionist from our own province.  Although his interest and work is the promotion of the cause of Fr. Ignatius Spencer CP and Dominic Barberi CP, he is proving to be a great help and support to our community life.  The three dimensions of resident community are rooted in the Passionist tradition and therefore combine community life, prayer and a form of ministry with a focus on hospitality, retreat ministry and parish ministry and so the community stands committed to fulfil these objectives.

On a brighter side, this year the Passionists are commemorating  the 300th anniversary of their founding with a Jubilee celebration centered on renewing their commitment to proclaiming Christ’s Passion as a sign of hope and love for humanity.

The jubilee celebration will conclude the same day the founder ended his retreat 300 years ago on 1st January 2022.

We continue to seek the blessings of St Pauls of the Cross.

Finally, I would like to thank you very much for your continuing support to the Ministry of Minsteracres.

On behalf of the community, Warmest Good wishes for Advent, Christmas and the New Year.


December 2020