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Fundraising to refurbish the retreat house

The residential accommodation we provide is based in a former stable block which is part of the Grade II listed premises. The conversion of the buildings was completed in 1967 and since then thousands of people have made use of them with the inevitable wear and tear on the facilities which are now badly in need of refurbishment.

Consequently, we decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the retreat house in 2017 by refurbishing it to a standard fit for the 21st century. Plans were drawn for us by local architect, Kevin Doonan and we obtained planning permission in April 2015.

The work is being carried out in phases, subject to funding. We have already raised £114,000 towards the total.

The first phase, installing a much needed lift to assist access to the first floor, was completed in May 2015. In Spring 2016 new bathroom facilities were installed on the first floor  compromising 12 self contained shower units.

Work has now begun on refurbishing the first floor bedrooms to bring them up to the standards set by the bathrooms. We aspire in all we do to be simple and sustainable and to provide comfortable, uncluttered accommodation at an affordable price. Our plans for the refurbishment reflect this aspiration.

The third phase is the largest and involves the redesign of the ground floor to provide some disabled/ensuite bedrooms and to re-configure the meeting rooms to provide more modern spaces, refurbishment of bedrooms where not achieved as part of phase 2 and works to restore the external façade to be more consistent with its historical architecture.

The improved accommodation facilities will help to sustain our income from the provision of hospitality by enabling us to offer more attractive and “fit for purpose” accommodation albeit still at the subsidised rates we offer in fulfilment of our charitable objectives.

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