Father Jeroen left St Elizabeth’s in August to go on sabbatical. Fr. Jenish has taken over as parish priest of St. Elizabeth’s and Rector of the resident community. Therefore it is an important moment for the parish community and also for Fr. Jenish.

Father Jeroen quotes “It has been a pleasure for me to do this. In fact, it has always been one of my regrets that I wasn’t able to dedicate more time to the parish. Other demands didn’t make that possible. Fortunately I found a great community spirit and a commitment amongst parishioners to take on tasks and responsibilities. This has been, and continues to be, a great help. It also expresses something of the vision of the Church where every member responds to her or his baptismal call to serve the Lord and the people of God by using his/her gifts and talents for the common good”.

Fr. Jeroen passed the baton onto Fr Jenish and prays that his ministry will bring many blessings to the parish. We wish Jeroen well on his sabbatical and welcome Fr. Jenish in his new role.