As you read these words, Spring has hopefully arrived after the long winter. During Spring we welcome new life and growth. In the Christian tradition it connects with Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

In the gospels we don’t hear anything about the resurrection itself. We only find stories about how the followers of Jesus experienced the risen Jesus in their lives. These stories also tell us how these men and women rose to new life after their encounter with him.

In one of these stories, Luke tells us about two disciples on the road from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus. Following Jesus’ crucifixion and death they are on their way home, disillusioned and in mourning. They had lost hope. At some point a stranger joins them and asks them questions. This gives them space to share their story. The stranger listens and then places their experience in a different light. Their hearts burn and then their eyes are opened when they enjoy table fellowship, the stranger breaks bread and they recognise Jesus in him.

I think this story about the journey speaks to the imagination because it mirrors our life’s journey with its ups and downs. It helps to share and doing so in the light of faith may give a different perspective and help to find fresh orientation.

I often see this at Minsteracres when our retreatants and visitors find space to be and share what is going on in their life. These stories are precious. They are sacred.

We are somewhere on that journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus. I hope the light of the risen Christ will shine on your path during this special season. I wish you a joyful Easter season!