Spring is characterised by new life. As I write this, the snow drops are out and I expect the daffodils will soon decorate the gardens around Minsteracres, followed by the fresh leaves on the trees and beautiful coloured rhododendrons.

Easter is very much at the heart of this season. In the Christian tradition it is the celebration of life that is rooted in the resurrection of Jesus. It is a feast of hope, anchored in faith that love and life will overcome suffering and death.

Easter is a special time at Minsteracres. During the Holy Week retreat we will walk closely with Jesus on his final journey. The liturgies in the church and other moments of reflection highlight what happened with Jesus and connect his journey with our own journey in life.

Jesus was true to himself and what he saw as his call in life. It was his passion to reach out with love to the people around him. Thus he showed the human face of God, a face that radiates compassion. This passion led to his arrest and then another dimension of his passion became visible through his suffering and death.

We remember Jesus’ passion in the light of his resurrection and pray that he continues to walk with us and inspire us to be faithful to our call and that this may bring renewal of life.

Fr. Jeroen Hoogland CP, rector