What a long time it has been since we were able to be together! Here at Minsteracres we have missed you all so much! The house has been too quiet, too empty. After all, welcoming you in Christ’s name is the reason we are here.

We have been very busy over the past seven months, praying and planning for a new phase in the life of the Retreat Centre.

Things will look a little different, to comply with the ‘new normal’, but the welcome will be just as warm as before. The tranquillity of the house and the peaceful beauty of the grounds are waiting for you.

This time of uncertainty and anxiety has made us all more acutely aware of our dependence on the mercy of God.

As a Passionist house, we try to focus on God’s love for us which Jesus demonstrated through His passion. Today, more than ever, the world needs to feel and express that love. We invite you to come back soon – and often – to share with us the riches of God’s abundant love.

See you SOON!

Tina – Hospitality Manager