Daring Disciples continue their journey…

by Fr. Jeroen Hoogland CP, Rector

As I am writing these words I look back on a busy summer. Many groups and individuals found their way to Minsteracres and enjoyed the space, its peace and the beauty of God’s creation. With some of the retreat groups we used this year’s theme and explored what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

Although most participants have lived many years as followers of Christ, it struck me that they were not always aware of their discipleship. The retreats therefore helped to raise awareness which enabled a renewed commitment to walking in the footsteps of the Lord.

It also struck me that people sometimes don’t feel worthy or holy enough to be called disciples. In order to overcome this we pointed at the first followers of Christ and how they travelled their journey by falling and getting up again. They were certainly not perfect and had to learn a lot.

That is reflected in the word ‘disciple’. It is rooted in a word that means ‘to learn’. A disciple of Christ is first and foremost someone who has the ability to learn. It is a life-long process.

Discipleship is lived out in everyday life. The retreats made people more aware of this truth. Reflecting on this reminds me of the commitment and dedication of the people who spent time with the community during the summer. Nancy from the USA came to us for three months, during which she explored the possibility for a longer-term commitment. During August Artur and Blais, two Passionist students from Poland, joined us and participated in the life and ministry of Minsteracres. I am grateful to them for their presence and generosity. It shows discipleship in action.

As we move into Autumn, may we continue to receive the grace to live our lives as disciples of Jesus and follow his example.