Following the Government’s announcement on 22 Feb, we will not be able to offer residential retreats until 17 May at the earliest.

In conjunction with the latest government guidelines we have completed a risk assessment that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of all visitors with as little disruption as possible.

Highly trained staff

Space for all
Our retreat centre is large and benefit from lots of space, both inside and outside. However, our risk assessment has determined that at present we can only accommodate 23 residential guests at a time. We will be able to ensure that our retreatants can visit us and still be able to observe the required social distancing.

We will reconfigure meeting rooms, coffee points, lounges, and dining rooms to fully comply with social distancing guidelines.

Taken care of from the moment you arrive

The Community, Staff & volunteers will ensure you receive an information pack prior to your journey to Minsteracres so that when you arrive you are fully briefed and we can welcome you and create a homely atmosphere for you to be relaxed and enjoy the hospitality and the natural beauty of Minsteracres.

Great food in a safe environment

Our Catering team will provide you with tasty, home-cooked meals using locally grown produce as much as possible.

We can’t wait to welcome you

We’ve been serving groups at our Retreat Centre for many years and we’re always committed to ensuring  you feel safe and welcome. The staff and volunteers offer an invaluable contribution to this ministry, through a spirit of hospitality and welcome we create space for guests where you ca feel at home, be yourselves and enjoy the peace and natural beauty which surrounds us.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch

If your message relates to an urgent matter please call 01434 673 248.  Any general enquiries may be emailed and a member of our resident community will respond in due course.

 Is a retreat right for me? 

As part of our programme of organised events we offer residential and day retreats during which we explore the annual theme. ‘The God who speaks….’ is the theme for 2021. We hope it will help you to connect with your unique individual life journey and offer nourishment for the collective journey of faith communities in this time of change for the church. Our retreats provide space to reflect and pray and to have quality time with others.

You can also come to us for an individual retreat, enabling yourself to take a step back from everyday life, relax, reflect and be nourished. We are happy to offer you guidance whilst you are here or you may decide just to have some space to yourself.

We have many resources for reflection: the pilgrim walk – a reflective walk through the grounds; Trasna (the labyrinth); the Cross of Hope; stations of the cross; prayer spaces; peace garden and the art studio. Minsteracres is also ideally located for visiting the places associated with the Northern Saints.

We welcome groups which support our ethos and want to use Minsteracres as a venue for an event or workshop. We can accommodate up to 80 people for residential or day events. We offer warm hospitality and good home cooking, using organic and locally sourced foods. Our youth centre is self-catering, with dormitories and separate accommodation for group leaders.

We have made a video about what it is like to come on retreat and at the bottom of the page you’ll find stories about different people’s experiences here at Minsteracres

What is a retreat?

A retreat is exactly what it sounds like — the chance to step aside from life for a while, to rest and just ‘be’ in a welcoming, peaceful and inspiring place like Minsteracres.

Who goes on retreat?

Retreats are for ordinary people at any time in their lives. There are no expectations on anyone going on retreat and you don’t need to be a churchgoer – we welcome people who share our values.

Is a retreat right for you?

Do you:

  • Wish for some quiet time to reflect on things that matter most to you?
  • Need some time away from work or family?
  • Want to deepen your spiritual life?
  • Want to simply pray?
  • Want to develop a particular interest?      …then a retreat might be just for you.
What happens on retreat?

Retreats offer the opportunity to:

  • Find space
  • Reflect
  • Pray and worship in peaceful and comfortable surroundings

We offer a wide variety of retreats including retreats:

  • For the beginner
  • With a theme such as Holy Week, Pentecost, Advent,
  • Structured with a programme
  • For individuals or groups who wish to deepen their faith
  • Free form where you can do your own thing
What kind of place is Minsteracres Retreat Centre?

Thanks to the presence of the resident community there is always a warm welcome and a real sense of being a guest in their home. . The community is the guardian of the Passionist ethos of Minsteracres, which is expressed through a life of prayer, presence and hospitality.

  • We offer a warm welcome to all
  • We have beautiful Grade II buildings set in an 110 acre estate of gardens and woodland
  • We have a wide range of meeting rooms from small (up to 10 people) to large (up to 90 people)
  • We have a library, various prayer spaces and an art room that are available to use
  • We offer overnight accommodation—from simple rooms with shared facilities to a few en suite rooms
  • We provide tasty, home-cooked food and can accommodate special dietary needs with advanced warning
  • We cater for those with disabilities
Can I do my own thing on retreat?

Yes, we welcome people who wish to spend some time alone.

Can I speak to someone about my experiences on retreat?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to talk to someone in complete confidence. We can also provide individually guided retreats where someone is assigned to listen and guide you whilst on retreat.

How long is a retreat?

A retreat varies in length but is usually anything from two to seven days. We also offer one-day retreats such as quiet days and walking retreats throughout the year.

Is there a charge for going on retreat?

Yes. It costs over £1,000 per day to keep Minsteracres Retreat Centre running.  We do not have another principal source of income and so we charge our visitors a competitive rate to cover our costs (but not to profit) that include:

  • Maintaining the Grade II buildings and 110 acre estate
  • Providing food and accommodation for all our visitors
  • Paying for staff and retreat leaders

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