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A very big thank you to the community of Minsteracres retreat Centre for a wonderful weekend 21st – 22nd February. All the ladies from Methodist Women in Britain (Newcastle District) Younger Women thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Looking forward to next year.

 Joyce George, 23 February 2015

A place of peace and calm in an area of exceptional beauty. As a retreat it’s without compare, the approach from the A68 is quite breathtaking when the Rhododendrums are in bloom. Drive up the approach road under huge American Redwood trees is quite humbling.
Staff at the reatreat are more than friendly, your like one of the family coming home. Great attention is made to help with any assistance required. Father Mark is a most remarkable man with the humour of a good Irish comedian.

Minsteracres is more than just a spiritual reatreat it’s a total experiance for all who visit, you will leave with a feeling of calm on your journey home.
Jim Hall, 3 September 2014

Thank you to all the team at Minsteracres for an absolutely fabulous weekend. You made us all so welcome and the food was wonderful. Despite the hard work we have come away feeling refreshed with new friends and great memories.
Jan Loughran, Durham University Business School, January 2014

Thank you so much for the warmth of your hospitality. We had the most wonderful time at Minsteracres. Please thank everyone for all their help in making the weekend such a great success.

Danya Cole, yoga retreat, 4 – 6 October 2013

Minsteracres is a wonderful place to visit. The peace and tranquility surrounds you from the moment you arrive. It is a perfect place for retreat and reflection, comfortable and warmly welcoming and totally inclusive, even for someone like me with no religious affiliation at all. If my experience is anything to go by it seems that anyone, whatever their background and beliefs will benefit from time spent at Minsteracres. I wish Minsteracres ran more programmes like the recent one on ‘People and Places of the Lindisfarne Gospels’. The study weekend took a secular and comprehensibly academic approach to the world of St Cuthbert and Bede and I would commend it (or rather any future such programmes) to anyone who is interested in that period of history. A great weekend in a lovely setting. Please run more!

Barbara Hargreaves, 16 June, 2013

I was a participant on the yoga retreat organised by Samantha Coe this weekend and would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Minsteracres for all you do.  The friendliness and kindness of all, both staff and volunteers, and the way you all went out of your way to make us feel welcome, made a very big contribution to the success of the event.  The meals in particular were delicious and I really appreciated the special attention that was given to providing nut-free food for me. The peaceful atmosphere of Minsteracres and the smiling faces of its people have made a lasting impression on me.  I hope to be able to return for a similar event in November. Blessings on you all and on your work.

Liz O’Sullivan, 11 March 2013

I just want to say a big thank you to every single one of you beautiful people snowed in there at Minsteracres. Lucky you! The weekend was only fabulous for me. What a great crowd you had! I loved the warmth- not only of the wood fires but also of the welcome and camaraderie. I still look forward to being with you all for Easter and our cosmic gathering ( that is if Jo doesn’t put me in the cellar to freeze ?) May you all enjoy abundant blessings now and always, affectionately .

John Bell Retreat, January 2013, Eily May White CP.

I would be very grateful if you would pass on my thanks to all who were involved in any way with the retreat this weekend. It was a privilege to be able to attend and I was made to feel most welcome. The weekend well exceeded my expectations. It was an excellent example of Christian unity. 

John Bell Retreat, January 2013.Claire Pringle

Inspirational week-end.  We learned so much from John’s wisdom and felt loved and embraced by the community here at Minsteracres.  Thank you so much. 

John Bell retreat, January, 2013,

Wonderful hospitality; thought provoking sessions; and the lovely snow.  What could be improved: nothing. 

John Bell retreat, January, 2013, John

Peace personified.  I have enjoyed my stay immensely.  Thank you for recharging my batteries.


Golden Golden Light.  We feel bathed in loving kindness.  Thank you to everyone at Minsteracres for welcoming us so warmly and open heartedly.  Thank you for sharing your peace.  We will spread it as we leave.  We hope to return.

Samantha Coe

Dear Minsteracres

I attended the centre for the Beginning Experience 23-25 November 2012. I would like to thank you for a wonderful stay. The staff were friendly and helpful, the room cosy and the meals delicious. Thank you.
Gabriela Horecka

Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had at Minsteracres. You looked after us so well, with such a warm welcome from all the staff. Thank you for your kind comments about our singing!

Andrew Leach, Ipswich School Chapel Choir, October 2012

Thank you very much for all your assistance. We very much enjoyed our stay at Minsteracres and it was a real pleasure to meet you, the community, staff and volunteers who made it such a warm visit. Warmest wishes to you all,

Angela Byrne, Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service, 16 May 2012

Just spent a wonderful weekend in this beautiful oasis of Godly calm and stunning surroundings. Highlights were simply sitting and watching the birds dance, and the peacefulness. Many thanks for the provision.

Anita Brockbank, 13 May 2012

I wanted to ask if you’d pass on to the cook and the volunteers and all the communuty members who looked after us my sincere thanks for taking such care and effort.  I’ve stayed at various retreat centres and similar establishments and Minsteracres is truly something special, and excels the rest.

Julie Dawid, 23 April 2012

Thank you once again for a wonderful Easter journey. You are so warm and welcoming to everyone that you can see people blossoming. I love the peace and space and silence, the music and the wise words, and the imaginative ways you find for us to pray and journey together.

Easter Retreat, 2012

A haven of peace and a tonic being here again.

Medjugorge Retreat, September 2011

” I have a spring in my step and space in my head in a good way.

” Thank you for a fabulous week-end–the venue was gorgeous.  I benfited hugely both mentally and physically.

” Good food served with kindness and a smile.  I came back feeling rested and stronger and definitely re-energised.

Yoga Retreat, August 2011


Illuminated text by Wilma van der Leer

Wilma van der Leer

July 2011

” Minsteracres has a healing atmosphere.  It touched my soul and it brings lightness to live in peace.”

Therese, For the Beauty of the Earth retreat, July 2011

” I laugh a lot, I cry a lot and I walk a lot and I feel much better.”

Parish Retreat,  May 2011

‘At Minsteracres what you did was wonderful. You changed it for me, from being a sort of Christian responsibility, to a growing awareness (it’s early days yet), of God’s real presence in Creation, as a gift to us , a gift we take for granted and abuse. As always, God shows us through Jesus. People suffer when we abuse creation, and wherever people suffer, Jesus is there with them. When I say ‘people’, I mean both people far away who we don’t see and forget to care about, but also ourselves. When we don’t appreciate a gift, we don’t appreciate the love in the gift. When I don’t appreciate God’s love, I deaden a part of myself.’ 

Friend of Minsteracres attending Holy Week Retreat, 2011

” I had a wonderful time here.  Overall I was impressed by the sheer beauty of the house and surrounding area and the efficient, competent and excellent management at every level.  But for me the ‘icing’ on the cake was the warm, friendly ‘non fussy’ welcome and attitude of our hosts and hostesses, which meant we got to enjoy to the full!”
Sr Eileen May White, April 2011

” What can I say? The weekend far surpassed any expectations!! What a truly Blessed and Spiritual place Minsteracres is. All the staff and workers were so helpful, patient and kind. The accommodation was very restful and comfortable and the food was fab. I was not hungry once over the weekend. Everyone had a great time. We laughed a lot and cried a lot. We even managed to sing a lot!  We are looking forward to the next time!!”
Val Dorward, March 2011

“I was overwhelmed by the welcome and total acceptance of me as an unknown individual. The tranquillity of Minsteracres gives me peace. There’s so much fun to be found at Minsteracres. I love mixing with staff/community and visitors. Minsteracres beautiful location lifts my spirit. I feel safe and loved at Minsteracres.”
Friend of Minsteracres, 2010

“Minsteracres brings a balance in my life and also in my spirit. I am very proud of being a part of Ministeracres’ life. I love the community very much. How can I put it into words…. you see when you have a family, you are giving a hand when it is needed. It is a place where you can feel the love and goodness of people around you. It is a privilege and pleasure to be a volunteer at Minsteracres.”
Friend of Minsteracres, 2010