Christine Fenwick is something of a super-volunteer. Not that she spends every hour of the day here, but, since she first started coming to Minsteracres in the late 1990s, she has been involved in most aspects of what we do. As she says cheerfully, “You share your talents!”.

As it happens, Christine has many of them. As a spinner. weaver and seamstress she has taken on everything from fine work such as making covers for bibles in the church, to huge, heavy jobs like making curtains for the youth centre. To be honest, that gargantuan task was almost a step too far. But true to form she finished what she had begun and the youth centre is greatly improved as a result.

For six years Christine and a friend took charge of cleaning St Elizabeth’s, the parish church here at Minsteracres. Whilst these days she is happy to hand that role to others, she is one of those who steps in to help the housekeeping team when quick turnarounds are needed as one group of visitors leave and another arrives.

On top of all this, she still finds time to sing in the church choir, the Rubato Singers. Currently she and the other choristers are preparing for a concert to be held here at the church on 14th May.

Rubato singers May 16 x 2

Today she has stepped in to relieve our retreat centre administrator, allowing Margo to take a much welcomed break! This hospitality role is one of the newer ones we have introduced in the wide range of volunteering opportunities Minsteracres offers.

We say it all the time, but Christine is a shining example of how much we depend on the generous support of our volunteers.

If you think you could help us, why not come and talk to the volunteering team at our open house on May 2nd – the first bank holiday in May?

Open house May 2016