Jezebel, widely known as a tempestuous scarecrow, is a rather peeved. Her friend Tatiana is showing off  her new outfit and hairstyle from Corbridge. She is winning many admiring glances from visitors to the Peace Garden. Jezebel admits to feeling a tad jealous.

The tractor driver who gave them a lift to the shops and back has inexplicably vanished into thin air, so Jezebel is unable to go shopping and replace the pitiful garments she has been wearing all year.

One evening Jezebel, bemoaning her tattered attire, wandered through the garden trying to think positive thoughts. Suddenly, she tripped over something hidden in the grass, a sort of slim box type thing with buttons. Quickly recovering and ever curious Jezebel pressed a button and the box lit up. What is it, a glow worm torch?

There were some words on the box now. What do they mean? Facebook, ebay? These are words Jezebel has never come across. Maybe it’s a magical gift from Pan she mused. Nothing ventured she pressed the ebay button and lo and behold a whole world opened up. Jezebel is a quick witted scarecrow and she rapidly understood that there were lots of lovely items for sale on this ebay thing. ‘It’s so simple,’ she cried. ‘Look Tatiana, I can buy clothes from anywhere in the world’.

Excitedly the scarecrows scrolled through pictures of dresses until Jezebel squealed, ‘That’s it!’ It was something called a ‘bundle’, a blue shining dress was displayed alongside long red pantaloons, leopard print rubber boots and a red scarf. Odd though they may seem, Jezebel loved them at a glance.

‘Now what?’ asked Tatiana. ‘How do we get them here?’ Jezebel’s nimble fingers soon found something called ’paypal’ which apparently is used to remunerate your friends for the items listed. It was all set up for her to use. Jezebel thanked Pan profusely and waited for her new wardrobe to arrive.

In a few days a Postie knocked at the Peace Garden gate and getting no answer, (surely everyone knows scarecrows only emerge at night?) he left a large, inviting parcel for Jezebel to find at dusk.

Oh, there were transports of delight! Jezebel donned her new clothes and cavorted around the apple trees. She jumped in the pond to prove to the frogs her animal print boots were truly waterproof. She rushed to angle herself in the moon’s beams to show the blue glinting dress to best advantage. But most of all Jezebel loves her red trousers, she wears them proudly.  Looking on, Tatiana prophetically whispered a little verse.

Women will not shy at mice,
By and by,
When they get the coming chance
They will march in the advance,
And may even wear the pants,
By and by.