Our theme for this year means that all our retreat participants are invited to go on a sacred journey, which we hope will be enlightening, invigorating and meaningful for all. The retreat team has been out and about these last few months gathering materials, guide books and doing the necessary reccies. Along the way we have delved into the nature of what we usually consider sacred and how this connects to our life’s journey.

We asked people what they would expect from a sacred journey and found that generally they expect a journey or pilgrimage to a sacred place like Santiago de Compostela, Jerusalem or Walsingham. Even though the peace and beauty of Minsteracres has touched many we can’t say it’s a sacred place in the traditional and religious sense. The sacred we are speaking of here is not about the destination but about journey itself.

Our invitation is to let yourself become more aware of God’s presence as part and parcel of the world we live in and close at hand as we travel through life. Noticing that the sacred is there in everyday affairs requires taking time to look beyond the surface of things. In a way it’s like putting on a new pair of glasses which allows you to see in a new and fresh way and gives you a clearer vision of the innate value, the sacredness, in yourself, others, creation.

During the retreat there will be time for song and prayer and music, regular input, reflective and meditative periods, as well as active periods and also opportunity for sharing and dialogue.

We welcome you to join us at Minsteracres for a very sacred journey.