We launched our regular giving scheme recently to help us secure the future of the retreat centre with a regular, reliable income stream. So far, more than a dozen retreatants, parishioners, volunteers and trustees have signed up and pledged between them around £1,400 per year. We hope this steady flow will increase as more people become aware of how important this income is to us.

“It’s not that we are looking for large sums every month, but that what we do receive is something given regularly which we can rely on and plan for,” says communications manager Nuala O’Brien.

“It really is a case of ‘every little helps’! Our income from retreats and events and the grants we receive go a long way towards meeting our expenses, but we don’t always have the luxury of savings. These generous donors, and we hope more like them, will give us the chance to plan for the future.”

Carolyn McAllister, one of the new givers, has been volunteering at Minsteracres for around four years. She was hoping to encourage others to do as she has done and sign up. “Some people I meet who come on the retreats would love to be able to help, but maybe live too far away to volunteer. They might be glad to give £10 a month and know they are making a real contribution even when they can’t be here in person.”

If you would like details of our regular giving scheme, call 01434 673248 for a brochure or visit the donate page on our website www.minsteracres.org.