At the end of June we will be saying goodbye to someone familiar to many of you. Jo Bramley, our retreat administrator for more than nine years is leaving us to go freelance.
“I hadn’t intended to stay this long,” says Jo. “I was looking to fill in while I took time off from IT contracting and my uncle (Tony Bramley, Minsteracres’ groundsman) told me they needed someone in the office at the retreat centre. Well of course I stayed and the rest is history!”
Jo is not new to freelancing having worked as a computer analyst/operator for various banks and insurance companies. Now, though, she is offering administrative services.
“A lot of smaller businesses are reluctant to employ people even part time when they may not be able to make full use of them, so they are outsourcing those skills.”
Jo already acts as secretary to the Painshawfield Estate committee and has another client lined up once she leaves.
“It was a hard decision and I’m emotional about going. I’m leaving a family,” says Jo. “But I wanted a new challenge, and this will be more flexible.”
Jo is keen to keep her links with Minsteracres, “I have a strong connection here. It is part of my life and I want that to continue,” she says.
Meanwhile, anyone wanting to contact her can reach her at