At Minsteracres we are blessed with the church of St Elizabeth. It is a little gem. Many people spend time there to light a candle, be still and enjoy its beauty. In the morning you can see the light of the rising sun through the stained glass window above the altar. That is because, like many older churches, St Elizabeth’s was built with the altar facing east.

This directs us towards the place where the sun rises and connects us with an ancient tradition which sees the sun as a cosmic symbol of Christ. As the sun gives us warmth and light, likewise Christ radiates the warmth of God’s love and offers himself as a light on our path. He offers orientation on our journey through life.

Sometimes the light is clear and sometimes we feel as if we are walking in the dark. It is important that we take moments to pause and re-orientate ourselves so as to see if we still travel towards the light. These moments offer space for reflection on our life in the light of the life of Jesus, presented to us in the Gospels.

We may find this quality time during a retreat or, simply, during a moment of quiet in a place like St Elizabeth’s, gazing in the direction of the light shining through the window in the east and being mindful of the presence of the Lord.