We are a Christian place of prayer with a resident community rooted in the Roman Catholic Passionist tradition. We welcome people who share our values and we invite you to enjoy our hospitality.

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The past year has presented all of us with unexpected challenges, new experiences and opportunities to reflect on our lives. During this retreat we will reflect on our encounters with gratitude, prophecy and hope, with reference to the lives of some of the Passionist saints. The retreat itself will offer a balance of input from the retreat team – personal time to reflect on where these perennial themes have been and are present in your life – shared reflection – and the opportunity to experience the warm hospitality of Minsteracres and the company of fellow-retreatants.

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Minsteracres is a beautiful 110 acre estate in the land of the Northern Saints. Within our historic buildings and estate we have space for prayer and rooms to hire for retreats and events.

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Fundraising Event

Like most charities fundraising has been severely curtailed in the past 18 months. However,12 children and young people each day continue to receive a diagnosis of cancer! and life seems to stand still for the family. They need our help to support them through investigation , treatment and beyond. I have been involved with this Full Story


Minsteracres is a Christian Retreat Centre renowned for hospitality, good food and a beautiful estate in Northumberland.  It is a special place and we would recommend making an informal visit to learn more about the role before you apply. Please call the Director on 01434 673248 or email gbockett@minsteracres.org The catering team operates between 8am Full Story

A Mass in joyful remembrance of Elisabeth Van Dijl

The Parish and community invite you to join them in celebrating a Mass in joyful remembrance of Elisabeth Van Dijl on 30th June at 10:00am in St Elizabeth’s church. You are welcome to come and join us on Wednesday 30th June at 10:00am, to confirm your attendance can you please contact Margo or Tina on Full Story

“ The tri centenary anniversary of the Passionist congregation

During the 53rd Chapter of St Joseph’s Province, 3 trees were planted. Geoff Bockett, Director of Minsteracres explained that the Scots pine trees that were planted are known as ‘gregarious’ trees and thrive in communities when grown in close proximity to one another.  This is achieved through mycorrhizal networks in the soil where fungi and Full Story

Provincial Chapter of St. Joseph’s Province

From 12th – 16th July, the Provincial Chapter of St. Joseph’s Province (England, Wales and Sweden) of the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ, will take place here at the Passionist Retreat House in Minsteracres. A Chapter is held every four years, and is a time of communal discernment and decision making that emerges Full Story