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(Updates, urgent or important information for the parish will be sent via a Parish e-mail to everyone with an e-mail address recorded on our database. The latest of these was sent on 23.05.20. If you wish to be included please e-mail 


Item 1. A Message from the Metropolitan Archbishops of the Catholic Church in England and Wales

We have received a request from Bishop Robert to make the following message available to parishioners.

Archbishops message May 20


Item 2. Services at St Elizabeth’s Minsteracres; streaming/recording

On 20 March 2020 all public services, including Sunday masses, were discontinued at any Roman Catholic church until further notice.  

It is planned to continue to upload a recording of our 9.30am Sunday mass onto the Minsteracres YouTube account ( as well as attempting to live stream the mass via Facebook. The recording will be available at some point on Sunday afternoons.
It is possible to access the mass via Facebook even if you don’t have your own Facebook account by going to the Minsteracres website ( and clicking the Facebook icon. If you don’t have a Facebook account you cannot follow the live streaming, but you can access it in this way afterwards.

In addition, St Mary’s Hexham has daily live streaming of services which can be accessed on the St Mary’s website. 


Item 3. Daily Reflections 

Anyone can sign up for reflections on the Gospel of the Day which will be emailed to you each day. These are available from the Diocesan website and you can do this by sending a request to be added to the daily reflections mailing list to:


Item 4. Year of the Word

The current crisis has meant that the focus on the Year of the Word has been affected. Some events have understandably been cancelled, and an update on the situation can be seen on the Diocesan website on:



Heavenfield Partnership Mid-week Update

Mid-week Update (26May20) 

Mid-week Update (19May20)

          Post Holy Week and the receipt of feedback,  the need for Daily Updates was reviewed and replaced by a Weekly (Now Mid-week) Update which is uploaded on each Tuesday. Any feedback on the updates to please.



Heavenfield Partnership Statement regarding Coronavirus     

  1. With effect from 20th March 2020 there are no public services, including Sunday Masses, at any Roman Catholic church until further notice. This follows the decision taken by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales to suspend public worship in churches in the light of the present Coronavirus situation. A letter and guidance about the celebration of Mass is available at
  1. Until further notice, Saint Mary’s, Hexham, will live-stream Mass via the internet at the following times: –

    • Sunday = 10:00am

    • Monday to Friday = 6:00pm

    • Saturday = 10:30am

There will also be a Holy Hour live-streamed from Saint Mary’s at 4:00pm on Sundays.

This live-streaming will be linked from Saint Mary’s parish website at

For full details go

  1. An update on the impact of the current crisis, and various developments across the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese is available on

Key items from these updates will also be made available via parish websites.

  1. Individual parishes within the Partnership will continue to communicate directly with parishioners by e-mail. Parish weekly newsletters, where these continue to be issued, will also be disseminated in the same manner. If parishioners are aware of any fellow parishioner who does not receive or is unable to receive these electronic updates, please make them aware of the content of these information emails and, if necessary, print out the newsletter(s) for them

  1. Any contact point or parishioner who would like to have information disseminated within the Heavenfield Partnership should let Saint Mary’s Parish Secretary (Judith) know by

  2. The Community Mass from St Elizabeth’s Minsteracres, which is held on Sunday mornings, will be available for broadcast each Sunday afternoon. The recording will be on YouTube (go to then search ‘Minsteracres Retreat Centre’) which is linked to the Minsteracres website ( and Facebook account.

  3. A new item “Daily Update (date)” (replaced by a Mid-week Update) will be available via the News sections of the Parish and Partnership websites. These will include announcements, news items and other suitable materials, plus reflections from the writings of Pope Francis.

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newsletter 29.03.20

The weekly newsletter has been suspended from 29 March 2020 until further notice

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Parish Constitution

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