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Rubato Singers’ outreach in the USA

Minsteracres choir, the Rubato Singers, travelled to Oakland, California this summer to perform with a sister choir raising money for the work of two charities both linked to homeless and mentally ill people on the margins. The need is particularly immense in the Bay area of San Francisco and Oakland. NAMI (the National Alliance on Full Story

Goodbye Sister Therese!

We are sad to have to say goodbye to someone who has been at the heart of the community here at Minsteracres since she arrived in a snowstorm back in 2010. Settling into life at Minsteracres was a challenge for Sr Therese O’Regan. She had spent the previous 36 years in the heat and desert Full Story

Dwelling in the space of mercy                               

With this Autumn edition of our newsletter we enter the final part of the Year of Mercy. At the end of 2015 Pope Francis invited the church community to enter through the door of mercy. Christians in the whole world have done this and it has led to many graces and blessings. Early in the Full Story

Tea takes the biscuit

The Lets Get Growing group have a special welcome and farewell ceremony. Once everyone has arrived at the garden we begin the day with hot drinks and biscuits. Then it is time for our ‘circle.’ Each person in turn has space to say how they are, what is happening in their lives and what they Full Story

To Russia with love

This year we are delighted to have welcomed back Finnish couple Janne and Ella who first came to Minsteracres three years ago to spend a summer with us as volunteers. “Ever since we left three years ago we knew we wanted to spend longer here, but up until now that hasn’t been possible,” explains Janne, Full Story

What is a retreat?

One question people new to Minsteracres often ask us is what exactly is a retreat? It’s one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ questions and as such, rather hard to answer. It means different things to different people, and different things at different times in people’s lives. Those grieving for the loss Full Story

Reflections on a walk

Well, today it’s my turn. I’ve been working at Minsteracres for four years now, and apart from the friends’ weekend some years back, which I enjoyed, I haven’t been on another retreat and it felt like time. Retreats aren’t for everyone, and my experiences as a child definitely didn’t warm me to the idea. I’m Full Story

Bede back for fourth year

For the fourth year running we were delighted to play host to more than 150 13/14 year old pupils from Bede Academy in Blythe on their annual environment day. Their work that day helped us to deliver part of our National Lottery funded Wind in the Willows Project to restore and maintain natural habitats on Full Story

Holy Week at Minsteracres

Our guests for the Holy Week Retreat started coming in on Thursday. It was a mad scramble to get all the booklets and leaflets, required for our sessions, ready and printed. But in the end we had everything sorted in neat little piles and we were all set to go. Everyone coming in received the Full Story

The singing is the glue

It’s that time of year again. The time when the whole house at Minsteracres is filled with music. The inspirational Dutch choir director Monique van den Hoogen is back to lead her annual, week-long singing retreat. So popular is she, that she brings with her a readymade choir of Dutch followers, most of whom have Full Story