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Practical learning for NCD students

What do Beamish museum, Winlaton rugby club and Minsteracres have in common? They have all received a makeover at the hands of students from New College Durham. In the case of Minsteracres, tutor Iain MCartney is back with a group of first and second year students learning the finer points of painting and decorating, and Full Story

Tony’s clean sweep

Meet Tony Donaghy, our housekeeping team’s first regular volunteer. This year has been a very busy one for us at Minsteracres and at times the housekeeping team has been hard pressed to keep up with the work that having two houses full of visitors demands. To give them a hand we put out an SOS Full Story

Sage volunteers make an impression

Minsteracres has been the very grateful recipient of the generosity of the Sage Foundation several times recently. Employees of Sage can use up to five day’s work time a year doing voluntary work in their communities, and our shrubbery has found its way onto their volunteering map. Most recently visitors included a long term volunteer Full Story

In praise of soup

Autumn is in the air, the leaves are beginning to fall and it’s a brilliant time to be in the Peace Garden. We are harvesting lots of splendid food: onions, cabbage, courgettes (oh they keep coming!), beetroot and beans to name a few. So as the weather cools it’s a great opportunity to use these Full Story

Quiet days at Minsteracres

Sr Rosarie Spence is a regular on the programme at Minsteracres, delivering both quiet days and prayer days throughout the year. “It all started years ago when I lived at Minsteracres as part of the community,” she explains. “There were days when the house was empty and it seemed a shame not to be sharing Full Story

Autumn – the season of plenty!

We have a glut of courgettes in the Peace Garden. If you’ve ever grown courgettes you will know they all ripen on the same day. You wait all of June and July for courgettes, you crave them, but there are none. August rolls around, then the beginning of September and one day—bam! You have more Full Story

Three days of prayer and praise

The Methodist Women in Britain group have just left us after their autumn visit and again we are struck by their joyful enthusiasm. Twice a year in spring and autumn, women converge on Minsteracres from all over the north east for three days of prayer and praise. This time their theme is ‘our journey with Full Story

Volunteers needed!

  “Now that summer is over we know people with time on their hands start to think about how to fill it and many look for opportunities to volunteer,” says Minsteracres  volunteer coordinator Jean Haldane. “If that’s you, you’re in luck! We have a thriving volunteer workforce active across lots of different areas inside and outdoors, Full Story

A trio of celebrations

We like an excuse for a party at Minsteracres – and last week we had three! Our rector Fr Jeroen Hoogland and provincial Fr John Kearns were both celebrating 25 years since their profession, and Mother Regina, who with Mother Monica will be moving in to a new convent in our grounds next year, was celebrating Full Story

In praise of tea

If, when I told you about our circle time in the Peace Garden, you came to the conclusion that the Let’s Get Growing group really like their tea, you would be right! I myself am partial to English Breakfast tea which I understand is a mix of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan tea, a blend that Full Story