Our retreats

Relishing there stay at Minsteracres

Four friends are taking time out of there busy schedule to re-engage, relax and pray . They are enjoying the hospitality, walking the beautiful grounds surrounding Minsteracres including the Walled Garden. One of the retreatants first visit to Minsteracres was fifty five years ago and he has been returning regularly since. Please click on the Full Story

Gratitude, Prophecy & Hope

2020 has presented all of us with new experiences and opportunities to reflect on our lives. During this retreat we reflect on our encounters with gratitude, prophesy and hope. With reference to the lives of some of the Passionist saints, we will explore where these perennial themes have been and are present in our lives. Full Story

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Homily – Fr. Jenish Perhaps we can best appreciate today’s gospel passage by recalling that it is immediately preceded by the parable of the lost sheep.  In that passage, the shepherd leaves the ninety-nine sheep and goes in search of the one stray sheep, so much does he value that lost sheep.  Today’s message is Full Story

Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Homily – David Collins I dare say you could walk into pretty much any catholic church across the world and it wouldn’t take long for you to spot some shrine or painting or statue erected in honour of Our Lady. Even just thinking about the churches I’m familiar with – I was baptized and married Full Story

Homily – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Fr. Jenish In the scripture we see God revealed himself in all kinds of ways – God shows up in wind and clouds and burning bushes. God shows up in dreams and messengers. In the first reading we read God’s self-revelation to Elijah’s honesty. If you can find sometime today it would be worth Full Story

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings 1 Kings 3:5,7-12, Psalm 118, Romans 8:28-30, Matthew 13:44-52 Homily Last month, when the lockdown started to ease a bit, a couple of parishioners asked if they could come with their metal detector and do some research on the grounds. I am always fascinated by these things and try to follow the proceedings. On Full Story

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

WHEAT AND WEED Several years ago, a man got so disgusted with the large scale of evils in the world that he put up a popular car sticker which read: “stop the world; I want to get off”. We know all is not right in the world. It looks like only evil has enough oil Full Story

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 55:10-11, Psalm 64 (65), Romans 8:18-23, Mathew 13:1-23 Homily When I reflected on the parable we just heard I thought to myself: That man wasn’t a very good sower…. It seems a lot of waste: seed that fell on the edge of the path, seed that fell on patches of rock, seeds that fell Full Story

Minsteracres’ Reflective Trail

We are delighted to provide the attached guide to a reflective trail around the grounds of Minsteracres, which you can view on your phone or download and print. In a time where we are not allowed to use the church or gather together as a community, we are challenged to find other ways of prayer. Full Story

Update on the estate

Late last year we acquired 3 Exmoor ponies from a scheme called ‘Flexigraze’ designed to promote conservation grazing, which in turn helps to create more diverse habitat for wildlife.  Since then we have acquired one more pony and a small flock of 23 sheep.  They have all settled in well to the parkland to the Full Story