News about retreats

Sunday Mass

Diocesan instructions mean that places are limited to 22 individuals with a bit of flexibility where families/”bubbles” can share a pew. If you wish to attend one of these masses you must make a booking in adavance using the booking system which is accessed on the Heavenfield Partnership website at…/…/ This will be open from 2.00pm, Wednesday Full Story

Minsteracres’ Reflective Trail

We are delighted to provide the attached guide to a reflective trail around the grounds of Minsteracres, which you can view on your phone or download and print. In a time where we are not allowed to use the church or gather together as a community, we are challenged to find other ways of prayer. Full Story

Mass for Palm Sunday 5th April 2020

It is the first time this is happening in my life! I could never ever imagine there would be a situation like this! How much I miss!  These are some of the very emotional expressions that are being articulated these days, as the world faces a lock down, and especially in the context of Holy Full Story

Journey into Silence

The summer months usually see a lot of activity at Minsteracres. Individuals and groups will come and spend time here. Despite this busy time, the Centre manages to maintain an atmosphere of silence. This is essential for creating the right ambiance for a retreat. The outer silence helps to find an inner silence. Here we Full Story