We are a Christian place of prayer with a resident community rooted in the Roman Catholic Passionist tradition. We welcome people who share our values and we invite you to enjoy our hospitality.

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At Minsteracres you can choose an individual or group retreat, organise your own event, or simply enjoy this beautiful place. Browse all retreats

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Minsteracres is a beautiful 110 acre estate in the land of the Northern Saints. Within our historic buildings and estate we have space for prayer and rooms to hire for retreats and events.

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Gardening as therapy

Any of the regular visitors to the Peace Garden at Minsteracres will tell you how transformational their time there can be. For two in particular, the difference it makes for them is profound. Bryan Green and Ray Warner have both retired from the armed services and each has suffered enduring mental health problems as a Full Story

A regular boost

We launched our regular giving scheme recently to help us secure the future of the retreat centre with a regular, reliable income stream. So far, more than a dozen retreatants, parishioners, volunteers and trustees have signed up and pledged between them around £1,400 per year. We hope this steady flow will increase as more people Full Story

Passionately protecting

Sitting as it does in 110 acres, the estate at Minsteracres takes some managing. Over the last few years conservation consultant Andrew Pennington and his small band of conservation volunteers (nicknamed the volcons, with a nod to Star Trek) have made quite an impact. The volcons and visiting groups of volunteers take on the hard Full Story

Volunteer blogspot Dianne Keetch

Dianne Keetch blogs about working in the Peace Garden. Here she talks about the ups and downs of ageing.

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