We are a Christian place of prayer with a resident community rooted in the Passionist tradition. We welcome people who share our values and we invite you to enjoy our hospitality.

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At Minsteracres you can choose an individual or group retreat, organise your own event, or simply enjoy this beautiful place. Browse all retreats

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Minsteracres is a beautiful 110 acre estate in the land of the Northern Saints. Within our historic buildings and estate we have space for prayer and rooms to hire for retreats and events.

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Group square

Tea takes the biscuit

The Lets Get Growing group have a special welcome and farewell ceremony. Once everyone has arrived at the garden we begin the day with hot drinks and biscuits. Then it is time for our ‘circle.’ Each person in turn has space to say how they are, what is happening in their lives and what they Full Story

Entrance square

To Russia with love

This year we are delighted to have welcomed back Finnish couple Janne and Ella who first came to Minsteracres three years ago to spend a summer with us as volunteers. “Ever since we left three years ago we knew we wanted to spend longer here, but up until now that hasn’t been possible,” explains Janne, Full Story

Meditation resized

What is a retreat?

One question people new to Minsteracres often ask us is what exactly is a retreat? It’s one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ questions and as such, rather hard to answer. It means different things to different people, and different things at different times in people’s lives. Those grieving for the loss Full Story

Volunteer blogspot Elisabeth van Dijl

Elisabeth van Dijl is a one of our retreat team. Although she is based in Holland, she comes to Minsteracres several times a year for three to four weeks at a time to help the retreat team plan and deliver their parish retreats. Here she talks about a week of mercy at Minsteracres.

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