We are a Christian place of prayer with a resident community rooted in the Passionist tradition. We welcome people who share our values and we invite you to enjoy our hospitality.

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At Minsteracres you can choose an individual or group retreat, organise your own event, or simply enjoy this beautiful place. Browse all retreats

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Minsteracres is a beautiful 110 acre estate in the land of the Northern Saints. Within our historic buildings and estate we have space for prayer and rooms to hire for retreats and events.

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Salt and light at Minsteracres

Each year new groups find their way to Minsteracres and this year has been no exception. One such this Autumn came from right on our doorstep thanks to retreat organiser Michael Ivey and his wife Kate. Michael, a six foot something Texan, may not be what you would imagine as local, but his wife Kate Full Story

Seeds of Hope

The year of mercy has ended and the holy doors of mercy have been closed. This year we welcomed many people who entered through our doors. These also became doors of mercy, as people received and shared love, compassion and mercy here. Although the holy doors have been closed, the space of mercy is still Full Story

Caring kin

For a great many people becoming a grandparent is one of life’s pleasures. The ties that bind children to their parent’s parents are supportive ones and the relationships they share are often warm and playful in a way that is different from a parent’s. Imagine, though, if circumstances force you to become the principal carer Full Story

Volunteer blogspot Dianne Keetch

Dianne Keetch blogs about working in the Peace Garden. She thinks Forrest Gump's mama had it right, 'Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.'

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